Welcome to Supply Depot 13 - "Outpost Lebowski"

Quite possibly the worst posting in the Union. Located on an asteroid in the Typhon Expanse, this tiny outpost serves as a critical part of the supply chain, or at least that's what the brochure says. The truth is that the Lebowski Outpost is nothing more than a chunk of Union space station glued to an asteroid, a glorified cargo hole with a crew left with nothing to do. It's a place where nothing happens. A place where if you got assigned, you know you pissed someone off.

In recent years the outpost's commanding officer has gone a bit space crazy and locked himself away on the top level of the outpost. Now dictating orders via comm system it has fallen onto the capable hands of the outpost's executive officer to handle the day-to-day operation of the outpost. As long as she makes sure things go smoothly, almost anything is allowed. This has created a somewhat less formal work environment.

And when a mysterious crate full of spores starts making the crew act intoxicated, things quickly become far from boring.

Welcome to the ass-end of space, hold onto your pants.

Welcome to Lebowski...

Outpost Lebowski is an Orville roleplaying group set shortly before the Kaylon War.

We are an adults-only group with an RP Rating of 3.3.3, though these elements will not be the primary focus of the story, they will be present.

Latest Mission Posts

» Emergency Surgury of the Worst Kind

Mission: Episode 0 - Welcome the the Hotel
Posted on Sat Aug 20th, 2022 @ 6:09am by Commander Jennifer Wickle & Lieutenant Quim

Quim gave a very slight hum as she went about cleaning the medbay. Sure; she didn't have to be here cleaning it - her shift finished half an hour ago and the place was already as clean as any area on Outpost Lebowski could get - but she was in…

» Welcome to the Last Place You Want to Be

Mission: Episode 0 - Welcome the the Hotel
Posted on Tue Aug 9th, 2022 @ 7:06am by Lieutenant Alejandra SemprĂșn & Commander Jennifer Wickle

Commander Jennifer Wickle bounced on her heels excitedly as she made her way down the corridor to the airlock. She was always excited to meet someone knew. Very little happened on the outpost so the novelty of a new face was too much not to get excited about.

She stopped…